Better Place to Build you Dream Farm House

Better Place To Build Your Dream Farmhouse?

In the slant of the sun, just set up like in the countryside with lush greenery all around and you, like the proud farmer returning home-sweet-home with a hoe on your shoulder and happiness in your heart! All this at one place we present to you the Udyana Farmlands where nature becomes your home and not just a place to visit! Farmland layout where you can choose plots of your choice and own farmland that goes beyond being just an investment. It is like investing in your health and happiness

Udyana farmlands offer you the opportunity to not just build your dream farmhouse but also allow you to farm your land and get trained by professionally trained farm staff to do your farming and be delighted and overjoyed about your farming skills. It doesn’t just end there you get to enjoy the resort of Udyana. It’s just too much contentment and too much jollification.

  • Down a peaceful, quiet lane
  • The breathtaking farmhouse awaits
  • Bathed in luxurious hues 
  • Of rich lavenders and sweet oranges…
  • It’s the place where time becomes stuck 
  • And lets me live the golden moment once more

Now let’s just get into the technicalities of a farmhouse:

These days home with a farmhouse is a new trend in luxury. A farmhouse is a type of house, which serves a residential purpose in an agricultural setting. It is surrounded by a farm or a well-landscaped garden. These can also be called country houses. Our farmhouses are spread within a large vicinity and they will be customized and tailored according to your whims and fancies. It is spread over 45+ acres of land! If I have to sum up the beauty of the farmhouse in one sentence it would be Amenity, convenience, and nature combined setting new benchmarks for prosperity. To enjoy all the amenities, invest in Udyana Farmlands. Discover, delight, and treat yourself to the lap of nature, enjoying the sweet fragrance of the freshly bloomed flowers and the feel of the freshwater just like out of a flowing stream. 

Why Udyana would be the perfect destination for your dream home

All of us have so many dreams about our dream house like it has to be huge, spacious, reflecting my personality toward innovations and new modern technological advances. We would want our home to be filled with greenery and make it as environmentally friendly as possible and above all, we expect it to be away from the disturbance of the city but not far away from civilization. Udyana Farmlands stands at the top position fulfilling all these criteria and providing you with world-class facilities. 

A dive into the location of the Farmlands

It’s located near Singoor dam in Sangareddy which is a really good place that connects to all important places in all aspects possible such as:

  • Education:

It is just 45 minutes away from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) 

One of the best colleges in Hyderabad with a world-class education-Woxsen is just 19 kilometers away from Udyana Farmlands.

  • Attractions:

It is very close to singoor dam. It’s hardly 1.5 kilometers away! People are captivated by the breathtaking view of the water body surrounded by the mesmerizing flora and fauna as it is the home to about 1000 crocodiles and a lot of birds. 

The famous temple-Sri Rama Lingeshwara temple is located just 24 km away from the Singoor dam. The temple was built during the period of the Chalukya dynasty hence, being a pretty old temple carrying a rich culture and heritage.

  • Connectivity 

It is hardly 30 kilometers away from the Outer Ring Road exit No-3 which is a road cum development project that raises the potential of phasing out residential layouts. With- well connected destined to the commercial hubs, prodigious MRF factory in Sadasivpet, which is also a famous biotech hub. Gachibowli is a significant IT hub in Hyderabad which is approximately a drive of one hour from Udyana Farmlands housing a few of the leading and noted MNCs such as Amazon, Accenture, Microsoft, TCS, Infosys, Capgemini, Virtusa, Deloitte, Polaris, and Wipro.

The proposed plan by the GHMC-Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation to develop the 158 Km north leg of the 340-km regional ring road (RRR) has been certified. Over 4,300 acres of land is incorporated under the northern stretch of the project, extending between Sangareddy, Narsapur, Toopran, Gajwel, Yadadri, Bhongir, Pragnapur, and Choutuppal urban clusters.

Touted to be the country’s largest ring road, RRR, in all, over 9000 acres, a massive extension of land acquisition for a road development project in the history of the state, and this is around 40 kilometers away. 

  • Resort 

Luxury meets Leisure- Just at your home you get to enjoy the resort of Udyana which is spread over a vast area of 9680 square yards where you can find a wide range of fun activities whether it be a day of splashing around in the pool or a simple and fun activity at our yoga center or to plan a family or friends meet up at our banquet halls and party lawns, you have it all! We ensure that no stone is unturned for you offering you the best resort life possible. Some of the prominent features of the resort include:

  • Resort suites
  • Swimming pool with seating deck 
  • Outdoor party lawn
  • Covered areas
  • Poolside lounge
  • Board room
  • Outdoor games
  • Indoor games
  • Kids play areas
  • About Sangareddy

Talking about Sangareddy, it is very close to Hyderabad and is well connected to Hitech City, Punjagutta, and Secunderabad. It is the upcoming real estate area due to its proximity to Hyderabad and its well-connected nature. Due to the abundance of freshwater and extremely fertile soil different types of plantations and vegetation can be seen being farmed. This makes it one of the main reasons for the recent surge in public interest in investing in farmhouses near the Singur dam. 

Considering all the above points, the next smart choice for your investment would be to invest in Udyana Farmlands thereby eradicating the hassle that comes with plots. You can build your very own home amid nature with contemporary aesthetic charms simultaneously not losing out on the urban comforts. 

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